C-Band Synthesized Down-Converter

SV Technologies C-BAND Synthesized Down Converter (Model No SV Technologies/SDC/01) is a satellite direct reception tuner and down converter designed for use in the satellite ground terminals for data reception in C-Band.

The unit consists of RF and IF signal processing and conversion electronics synthesized to receive the signals from the ground station RF frontend.

Salient Features

  • Double convertion for very high image rejection
  • Highly stabilized and very good phase noise reference oscillator to lock the 1st and 2nd local     oscillator sources
  • Very low band and out of band spurious
  • Variable conversion gain from 0dB to 40dB
  • Flat group delay characteristics in pass band
  • Input noise figure and output 1dB compression of the chain to suit the dynamic range of -25dBm to –99dBm
  • Band pass filters in the system characterized for very high in band and out of band spurious     suppression.
  • Local control and monitoring can be done from the front panel as well from the remote  interface through RS 485 and/or through ethernet.