C-Band Test Loop Translator For Out Door Application (Dual Band)

SV Technologies Dual band C Band Test loop translator (TLT) (Model SSP/TLT/01) is designed for outdoor applications is used for local loop testing of the satellite ground station for system checkout regularly and as and when required. The TLT proposed has two parallel down conversion chains independently operable and the features being controlled through remote interface like Serial and or Ethernet/TCP IP control.

Each chain in the unit is a single conversion and non-inversion C band to C Band signal down conversion, LO of one channel of which is a synthesizer and LO of another channel being a fixed frequency PLO. Entire unit is housed in an outdoor and weather proof housing with relevant gasket for dehydration requirements. The input output, control and power connectors will be weather proof for outdoor applications. The technical description of the unit is given as under.