C-Band Up-Converter

SV Technologies C-Band Up Converter (Model SV Technologies/CUC/01) consists of a double conversion up conversion of input 70 MHz IF signal to C Band RF signal centered at 6414 MHz with the band width of +/-20 MHz as specified by the user. The unit is designed custom specific to meet the requirement of ISITE, ISRO.

The input signal at 70 MHz is subjected to filtering and amplification and passed through the variable digital step attenuator and fed to first conversion to yield the first IF signal of 2270 MHz, by mixing with the first LO of 2200 MHz. The first IF is narrow band filtered to remove LO and spurious components. The first IF is amplified and fed to the second conversion mixer, which derives its LO from the Frequency synthesizer which corresponds to the conversion of fixed 2270MHz signal to 6394 MHz to 6434 MHz with a step resolution of 1 KHz. The RF signal is amplified and band pass filtered to remove LO and spurious components and to provide the gain of 10 dB typical.

The unit has 80 dB input dynamic range. The front panel displays the selected RF frequency with the resolution of 1 KHz, selected internal digital attenuator with the resolution step of 1dB. The selection of the RF frequency and attenuation can be done locally through the front panel keypad or remotely through Ethernet TCP/IP. The display indicates the selected option either local or remote control.