Programmable S-Band FM/AM Telemetry Receiver

SV Technologies S-Band Telemetry and Tracking Receiver (Model No SSP/TTR/S01) is used for telemetry data reception and single channel monopulse FM/AM video demodulation for Satellite/aircraft signal reception and tracking applications. The unit is programmable with 500KHz step size for any frequency in the reception band of 2.2GHz to 2.3GHz.

The unit is designed with very high sensitivity and dynamic range. It caters for the input signal dynamic range within the levels -30dBm to -90dBm for both AM and FM.

The unit is fully programmable for various input and output selections such as input receive frequency, output video bandwidth, output levels etc., The unit is equipped with inbuilt BITE facility for offline calibration. The unit is programmable from the front panel keypad as well as remotely through RS422 from the host computer.

Salient Features

  • AM Tracking and FM telemetry reception
  • Input frequency programmable in the range 2.2GHz to 2.3GHz and in the steps of 500KHz
  • Wide input signal dynamic range from -30dBm to -90dBm
  • Output telemetry and tracking video levels variable in the range 0V to 10V as required
  • AGC voltage adjustable within the range of 0V to 10V
  • Input level and AGC voltages are displayed in the front panel LCD display
  • All parameters are programmable either from front panel keypad or remotely through     RS422
  • Provision for all outputs on rear panel
  • Bite facility for offline unit calibration and testing