QPSK Modulation simulator

SV Technologies Dual-channel QPSK Simulator unit (Model No SSP/QSIM/01) is a comprehensive test loop modulation simulator and BER test set designed for use in the local loop test simulation for offline system performance checkout of the remote sensing satellite ground station RF systems.

The unit is designed for dual channel simultaneous signal simulation and bit error measurement and housed in a single unit which will be a 19″ rack mountable chassis.

The unit consists of two simulation channels simultaneously derived from the rear panel of the unit each channel independently configurable for different modulation parameters and output level settings. The unit also consists of a BER reader which reads the bit error rate, totalized errors, the received clock frequency and the input data sync status, all of which will be displayed on the front panel.

All the different modulation parameters and error read out settings are controlled locally from the front panel or remotely through IEEE 488 interface, upon selection.

Salient features

  • Dual channel simulated QPSK out puts derived simultaneously
  • Each channel individually controlled and set for different parameters
  • Data generation at different code lengths selectable among 2e7-1, 2e 15-1, 2e 20-1 and    2e23-1.
  • Selection of differential encoding logic among four logics
  • Selection between internal data source and external data source as required
  • RF design and the base band design separated and collocated
  • Entire base band in a single FPGA
  • RF subsystems in aluminum enclosures for proper shielding
  • User interface  and selection either from the front panel through keypad or from remote    control through GPIB/RS 232 etc.,